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This program is designed for 7 to 11 year old students. This program is developed for students who are ready to combine the elements of our Broadway Series with an introduction to the principles, music and stories of classical ballet.


5:00- 5:45, Hip hop $60 per month

5:45 - 6:30, Jazz $60 per month

6:30-7:00, Tap $45 per month

7:00-7:45, Ballet $60 per month


All four classes $180 (20% savings)

Cost is by class or a 20% savings to take the program (non competitive)

Recital will be held end of June

Costume cost is $65 per class. Performance fee $35 per family



  • Solid colored dance leotard any color (female)

  • Shirt and athletic pants (male)

  • Optional ballet skirt or dance shorts

  • Pink or tan tights

  • Black tap shoes

  • Pink ballet shoes (female)

  • Black ballet shoes (male)

  • Hip hop athletic wear and tennis shoes



Payment is due by the fourth day of each month. DMPAC does have a dance management program. You will be sent a link to the program. Your Dance management program account will give you a complete history of your transactions including costumes, due dates, tuition and if applicable competition fees and due dates you will have 24–7 access to your account for your benefit your instructor can load music videos to help your child practice at home


* Please note 

 late fees are automatically generated if you make payment after the deadline or due date. If you stop your classes your auto debit will also stop at the next payment cycle. We strongly encourage auto debit.

7-11 year olds
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